MetaCity M Pre-register to get rewards release time 2023.01.19

《 MetaCity M 》 Discord  has a unique system 「M coin system」, after you join,just be active in our  Discord (for example :chatting , participate our event or complete and etc. ) and you can get「M coin」with great function. Get a head start in your MetaCity M life!

【How to get your rewards】

  1. Go to the MetaCity M official website →

  2. Scroll down and fill in your email address in the email address field, and hit confirm to complete MetaCity M website pre-register. Make sure to get a screenshot once you're done! (Make sure your email is in the screenshot!) Press Google Play Store at the top of the page to get to the MetaCity M Play Store page. Simply hit pre-register and get a screenshot, then you're done.

  3. Open a ticket and submit your screenshots! For the official website pre-register, make sure your email address is inside of your screenshot. Also share your Google Play pre-register in the same ticket for bonus rewards! Lastly, wait for a member of our MODs (City Hall Worker / Manager) to send you your reward!

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【 Rewards】

Pre-Register for both the official website and Google Play Store will be rewarded with 100 M Coins each. Each pre-register is limited to once per Discord user - so a total limit of 200 M Coins.

📣 Please note::

One participation per Discord account Please don't copy screenshots from other people! If the same screenshot is submitted by two accounts, the reward will be voided.