MetaCity M Latest Development Progress release time 2022.03.08

「MetaCity M」 Latest Development Progress Share With Public

  The open world metaverse mobile game "MetaCity M" developed by Gamamobi, had an outstanding first presale that sold out immediately! Recently released second presale announcement that attracts the attention from the global market again. Now a lot of members in the community platform discuss and are curious about the upcoming "MetaCity M" metaverse!

Today, the official release more information about the Avatar system (character costumes) and the game's largest core life skills system introduction, share with everyone how "MetaCity M" creates a diverse experience life for players in this metaverse world.

(01:Share「MetaCity M」Latest Development Progress)

Character Creation with Diverse Fashion and Style!

  When players enter MetaCity M for the first time, they will need to create their unique identity in character creation. You can customize your gender, face, facial features, skin color, and different popular hairstyles from various countries! For now, there is more than 1000 combination for the player to choose at will!

  For your starter fashion, you can choose a few default suits at the beginning, but the fun starts when you enter the game! Thousands of headwear, tops, bottoms, and shoes blueprints can be learned from the various event! There are also some well-known international brands to choose from, that can be collected allowing players in the "MetaCity M" can change their fashion every day according to their mood and preferences!

Currently "MetaCity M" has implemented several roles and characters from famous IP, in the hope players will be able to transform into their beloved game or animation characters! Making this metaverse world more diverse and colorful!

(02:「MetaCity M」Players will be able to choose their gender appearance and adjust their appearance according to their preferences)

(03:「MetaCity M」Thousand of outfits to satisfy players need for fashion!)

(04:「MetaCity M」From traditional to modern hairstyles! Everyone can find that suits them best!)

(05:「MetaCity M」Completely different hairstyles that can choose to express yourself!)

(06:「MetaCity M」Create multiple styles and never run out of fashion!)

(07:「MetaCity M」Hundreds of unique styles can be added to your look!)

(「MetaCity M」The first teaser of character creation)

Various Life Skills for Production and Trades!

  「MetaCity M」is a sandbox open-world metaverse game with a global server. Any player can enter and enjoy the game experience for "free" without any "requirement". Each planet has a total of more than 1,600 towns, 690 second class cities, and 55 first class cities with a huge world of more than 510 million square kilometers! In here, you can be neighbors with your friends, drive, walk or fly to explore and travel around the world! You can climb mountains to watch the sunrise and experience 4 different seasons. You can also take a spacecraft to visit other planets at different horizon environments.

  In this metaverse, all players must learn more than 15 life skills by collecting, crafting, and building! By improving life skills and choosing ideal careers, players can create more items and trade between players that can improve town development.

  There is no "character level" in「MetaCity M」but there are more than 15 different life skills that will be the core content affecting the development of the player's character. You can exercise and improve the level through various gatherings and crafting, such as logging, mining, planting, hunting, fishing, cooking, smelting, parts processing, weaving, and many more! all raw materials and products can be traded between players! These materials are an important part to develop your cities!

(08:「MetaCity M」Various life skills to collect precious raw materials!)

(9:「MetaCity M」Use your life skill to collect logs in the forest!)

(「MetaCity M」Wood materials can be obtained from the forest. )

Specialize in Manufacture Skills That Can Produce Your Own NFTs!

"Skills make careers, careers make players, and players make the world" is the main core of "MetaCity M". After learning life skills to a certain level, players must choose "specialized" skills to upgrade their skill level. Progressing upward and eventually turning into professional expertise, and because of this, all players will have diverse mutual needs for their gathering and manufacturing capabilities.

  To ensure that the player's virtual assets retain the freedom of "cross-border" (transfer between metaverses), in「MetaCity M」, other than materials, personal game progress items (upgrade construction properties), leased assets, currency, and half of the land on each planet is not NFT, the rest of the props are almost free to choose whether to mint it as NFT on the web (including property appearance, clothes, character appearance, indoor furniture, pets, Personal transportation, private jets), that is, the general game item obtained from the game can be converted into NFTs, which is the player's "free and active" choice arrangement, and the market generally uses Game-Fi to play games to make money. In 「MetaCity M」 whether you convert game items into NFT or not, it will only affect the way of transaction transfer, and will not affect the progress and experience of the game. The virtual assets that are truly "made by players, owned by players" can be freely traded!

(10:「MetaCity M」Various items can be produced through crafting skill)

(11:「MetaCity M」Players can use manufacturing skills to produce unique cars)

  The official said that as the development progress, more in-game content will be shared in the future!

For more information about MetaCity M, please follow the official community of MetaCity M.

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