The Rise of the Metaverse release time 2022.03.15

The Rise of Metaverse! How MetaCity M will Maximize the Use of NFTs!

  The open-world metaverse mobile game「MetaCity M」developed by the Gamamobi, released its first Land NFTs Presale worldwide and sold out immediately!

The second presale is about to start; let us see what role MetaCity M will play in the Metaverse!

(01: The very first metaverse world ofMetaCity Mis about to open)

Focus on Game Core and Introduce Metaverse Cross-border Concept

  MetaCity M」is a sandbox open-world metaverse game with a global server. The virtual assets owned by players in the game can be freely transferred across different metaverses!

Other than materials, personal game progress items (upgrade construction properties), leased assets, currency, and half of the land on each planet that are non-NFT, all items can be converted to NFT by players, including food, clothing, house, transportation, and various item obtained from the game or crafted by players!

  MetaCity M」is significantly different from other blockchain games that only focus on Game-Fi to make money purely by playing games. Gamamobi has set up a project in 2020 that meets the standard of traditional games, from the content, experience, demand, communication, and interaction, to generate the consumption and demand for virtual currency.

After all the game content is done, we added the NFTs and Virtual Currency as the tools to maintain world order and balance, to truly realize the free choice and trade of virtual assets "created by players and owned by players".

(02:MetaCity M」Players can convert items made by production skills into NFTs)

「MetaCity M」Free entries for Global NFT works

  Following the rapid global trend of NFT artworks and demand for digital space to display their taste and value! The player will have their own independent space in the metaverse. You can display all the collected NFT artworks that can be turned into wallpaper, hanging pictures, or become ornaments to decorate your interior! The official is also open to the creators of all NFTs projects worldwide, hoping that your NFT project will appear in the metaverse! So more people can enjoy it and create infinite possibilities in the metaverse world!

(03:「MetaCity M」Any NFT collections can become your decoration!)

(04:「MetaCity M」The NFT collections can become paintings on the wall)

The Second Presale is About to Start, and Official Share Some Development Pictures!

  MetaCity M」First Presale sold out immediately, and the second presale announcement was released earlier. So now, many players flood into the official platform to ask more about the presale information, and many players go to the secondary market to snatch the first presale land NFTs!

With the attention and expectation of players worldwide, the official released the latest development progress on major social platforms. At the same time, we are also very grateful for the support and encouragement from players worldwide. We also promise to provide higher-quality metaverse games as the goal is to allow players around the world to experience an amazing metaverse world!

(05:MetaCity MLatest development of building module layout)

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