MetaCity M Land Sale Announcement release time 2022.05.05

Unprecedented Metaverse Mobile Game MetaCity M’s Second Wave of NFT Land Sales Announced Today!

Game-held Land Investor NFTs will come out at the same time

  The Gamamobi world-first open world mobile metaverse game MetaCity M, having recently announced its global model and sending shockwaves of excitement through the community and forums across the world, follows up on the excitement with the announcement of the timing and pricing of its second wave of NFT virtual land sales. Joining the exciting land sales announcement, a development update has been released, delivering a glimpse of Gamamobi’s metaverse world to players pre-release.

(01: MetaCity MMetaCity M’s Never Before Seen Metaverse Cities Coming Soon)

MetaCity MGame Video :

The Age of the Metaverse Is Coming, the 2nd Wave of NFT Land Sales Date Announced

  Following the first wave of land sales, there are already more than 10,000 MetaCity M landlords, who have provided valuable feedback to us from around the world. We are excited to announce more land to give more players the opportunity to become MetaCity M landlords, and as such the next land NFT pre-sale will officially start at 15:00 PM (GMT +8) on May 10th. Players will be offered the opportunity to snap up a total of 60,000 lots of land on planet Titan, the first planet in MetaCity M. Players can make use of cryptocurrency to purchase land (WETH 0.17), however credit card purchases will also be available, and are a potentially more favorable option with the provider taking on any handling fees – delivering options to players who do not use cryptocurrency to participate in MetaCity M without a disadvantage.

(02: MetaCity M’s second wave of NFT land mystery boxes will go on sale on 05/10 at 15:00 PM (GMT +8) )

In "MetaCity M", each game-retained plot of land is divided into 5 parts. With 12,000 game-owned plots of land, 60,000 Land Investor Certificate NFTs will be released for player investment opportunities.  Players can purchase these NFTs for 0.04 WETH, or credit card for 99 USD. Players using credit card can avoid the gas fee required by cryptocurrency transactions. With a Land Investor Certificate NFT, players can earn in-game ‘Meta Coins’ by profiting from a portion of rent paid on game-retained land. Thanks to NFT integration, the Land Investor Certificate NFT can be transferred freely on secondary markets (Income benefits will also be transferred to the new owner). These certificates are sold in blind boxes, and give players a chance to profit from game-retained S-grade land for huge earnings!

(03: MetaCity MLand Investor Certificate NFTs Launched )

(04: MetaCity M Land Investor Certificate, enjoy rental profits from game-owned land   )

The most powerful NFT out, "E-FLASH NFT" features both a real and metaverse car.

In conjunction with the second wave of 60,000 land blind box sales, game developer Gamamobi will release a limited number of 20 "E-FLASH NFTs" for the first time ever. All players who participate in the second wave of land purchases by picking up a land box will have a chance to win the "E-FLASH NFT". Winners get to take home an E-FLASH metaverse electric car and a real-life Tesla Model 3. Become part of MetaCity M and the metaverse through reality by owning both real and virtual premium cars. Experience the enjoyment of driving a luxury car both in the metaverse and in real life.

(05: MetaCity M Land Blind Box buyers get the opportunity to own both a virtual and real-life premium electric cars   )

Purchase land in the second wave to be join the whitelist of players due to receive limited-edition in-game global model props

  After purchasing land during the second wave of pre-sales, players have the opportunity to own land in a city or town related to the MetaCity M global model, and even have the chance to become their neighbor. The best part is, by purchasing land in the second wave of MetaCity M’s land pre-sales, (Land Investor Certificate not included) you will receive limited edition model themed decorations! Anyone who purchases virtual MetaCity M land can sign up to receive super rare limited-edition decorations ‘Spokesperson Holographic Music Decoration’ and an exclusive indoor poster – these items will not be put up for official sale again in the future – within the following 2 months. These items will be given out to qualifying players for free as an airdrop.

Seamless game/webpage virtual asset exchange systems enhance the MetaCity M metaverse economy

The circulation of NFT virtual assets and currency in MetaCity M tie real value to and maintain the world economy in the metaverse. In "MetaCity M", players can obtain Meta Coin game coins from the game system through in-game daily tasks and daily limited-time resource mines. Such currency can be spend on resource mine tickets, medium to high-level material production, land tax, renting land, and more. In addition to materials in-game, "limited edition IP and event items", and almost all other virtual items can be freely exchanged by the player for NFTs online in exchange for Meta Coins.

(06:Through in-game actions, in-game Meta Coin currency can be earned and spend in MetaCity M)

Gamamobi will issue Gama Coin WEB3 virtual currency, which will be a common platform currency for all games developed by Gamamobi. Players can trade Gama Coin and Meta Coin game currency through free trading markets on the web. It means that Gama coin will be able to support the transactions of all Gamamobi self-developed in-game virtual coins through the WEB3 web page, which will further establish the value of virtual assets and the convenience of cross-border transactions and exchanges for players.

(07Through WEB3 exchanges, players can freely exchange Gama Coin cryptocurrency and Meta Coin in-game currency)

Focusing on the core of game development to achieve the real metaverse crossover concept


In MetaCity M, each and every planet features more than 1,600 towns, 690 2nd class cities, 55 1st class cities and a world full of adventure with over 510 million squared kilometers of landmass. Become neighbors with your friends and drive, walk, or even take a plane to explore the world, or explore other worlds on a spaceship! Build up your construction skill progress to build houses, explore and gather to renovate, and work towards your dream house. Mix and match your house design according to your tastes, with roofs, exterior walls, windows, and doors all come with customization options available.

(08: MetaCity M Offers Endless Real Estate Customization, Create the House of Your Dreams in MetaCity M)

  One of the most exciting features of MetaCity M is that decorations can be player-made – whether it’s the appearance of houses, clothes, characters, furniture, cars, or even pets, players can create their own and mint them into NFTs, in line with Gamamobi’s idea of using NFT technology as a tool of virtual asset protection and international transfers. Join the virtual world of the MetaCity M metaverse and start your new life now!

(09: MetaCity M- Personalized Items Can be Minted into NFTs)

Citizens Can Take Part in Urban Development to Create a First-Class City Living Experience

  Every resident of every town and city must take part in the development of the planet – to create a truly comfortable and convenient city, the contribution of each and every resident is essential. Every town in MetaCity M will feature public construction projects, which can be completed with combined effort and contributions from the citizens. These projects include restaurants, food trucks, airports, long distance railways, municipal elections, entertainment facilities, and more. The line between what is real and what is virtual is further blurred as establishments you are familiar with in the real world make appearances in-game, adding to your limitless possibilities in MetaCity M.

(10: MetaCity M All Kinds of Things From Your Daily Life Will Appear in MetaCity M’s Virtual World)

(11:MetaCity MThe real and the virtual come together to make a fun and exciting game and unlock limitless possibilities in the metaverse.)

(12: MetaCity M- Creating the future of the metaverse with a variety of people )

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