MetaCity M Limited Closed Beta Test Ends release time 2023.02.03

MetaCity M Limited Closed Beta Test Finishes, Metaverse Players From Across the World Celebrate Their Achievements

Gamamobi’s self-developed open world Metaverse mobile game MetaCity M     was in Closed Beta (CBT) until yesterday. During this short week, almost 20,000 players were enticed into the world of MetaCity M. After this one week, players had to say a tearful goodbye to MetaCity M – but they have not been forgotten. To thank players for their enthusiasm and support, MetaCity M today (10/12) announced the public release of closed beta statistics, and further detailed the plan for a special event in November.

Image 01:MetaCity M Shares Beta Statistics With Global Players

Celebrating Player Achievements in MetaCity M

MetaCity M recently held its first ever global closed beta event (CBT). After entering the game, players randomly receive a piece of land to start their metaverse life with. With tutorials for gathering and manufacturing led at first by Dr. Wright, players slowly familiarized themselves with their new world. All game progression was freely available to players, and both indoor space and 1:1 outdoor areas were available for players to decorate, place machines and items, craft, and more. With as many as 17 different professions, there are no scripts, no predetermined player characters – all player choices lead to unique player lives.

The long awaited weeklong CBT release was released with much fanfare and was welcomed by almost 20,000 active players in-game. After a heartfelt goodbye by players to the first beta, MetaCity M statistics were being analyzed. Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, and the US accounted for almost 75% of players, many of whom made great progress in-game.

Image 02:Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, and the US Accounted for 75% of MetaCity Players

MetaCity M Publicly Shares First Ever Closed Beta Statistics

Immersed in the world of MetaCity M, players who participated in the beta spent a total of 9,148,160 minutes exploring. Most characters were male, with a male-female ratio of 7:3. All in-game items were acquired through crafting. During the event, furnaces burned for 73,512 hours, a total of 571,760 pieces of furniture were made, and 914,816 pieces of clothing were created. Players quickly familiarized themselves with the intuitive crafting system in MetaCity M.

Image 03:MetaCity M Characters Online for 9,148,160 Minutes, and 70% of Player Characters Male

Image 04:MetaCity M Furnaces Burned for 73,512 Minutes, Players Accepted 800,464 Orders

Image 05:MetaCity M – Players Crafted 571,760 Pieces of Furniture and 914,816 Items of Clothing

In the immersive metaverse world of MetaCity M, resources are ready to be gathered anywhere and everywhere. Players moved an average of 22,238 meters, Players moved an average of 22,288 meters, and earned a plentitude of rewards from visiting friends’ homes. Visits were made 457,408 times, and the average unique amount of friends were as many as 25. In addition to exploring and gathering resources, players can also undertake tasks and orders to earn further resources. Players undertook such tasks 800,464 times. Some map holes also appeared in the map, causing players to fall into oblivion – this happened 81,680 times – an unexpected and exciting part of the CBT event. We appreciate all player feedback and would like to announce that all such feedback has been noticed and has been taken under consideration for further improvement and development of MetaCity M.

Image 06:MetaCity M players Moved an Average Distance of 22,288 Meters, Fell Into Oblivion 81,680 Times

Image 07:MetaCity M Total Social Visits: 457,408, Average of 25 Friends Per Player

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MetaCity M Players Thoughtfully Share Videos of Their Experience

To thank players across the world for their support for MetaCity M and the recently finished Closed Beta Test, a follow up secondary beta has been planned for the coming months.  Rich game systems and mechanics are planned for players to enjoy in the next beta, and in addition to player-participated game beta tests, official special events will be held across the MetaCity M communities.  Metaverse lovers should join official MetaCity M communities to make sure they don’t miss any of the latest news!

Image 08:MetaCity ‘s Next Closed Beta Test (CBT) Coming Soon!

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