「MetaCity M」 First Closed Beta Test Completion Announcement release time 2022.10.04

Dear MetaMasters:
This test has ended at 9:00 (GMT+8) on October 5, 2022. Thank you to all who participated in the first closed beta test.

After the server is shut down, MetaMasters will not be able to log in to the game, and all game data during the test period will be cleared and will not be retained.
Following the week's testing, I would like to thank all MetaMasters for their valuable feedback and suggestions for MetaCity M. We have received your feedback. As we take in your suggestions and further improve the game, we hope everyone is looking forward to our next test.

Finally, thank you to all the players who took part in the test, and we apologize for any bugs that occurred. We're looking forward to see you again in the improved version to be released in the future!

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MetaCity M Operations Team
October 4, 2022