「MetaCity M」Warning regarding unauthorized third-party top-up services release time 2023.07.21

Dear Metamaster,

We would like to emphasize that, apart from official Gaming Platform (Gamamobi) and direct top-up services through mobile stores, we have not authorized any other companies to provide top-up services. Players who have previously engaged in unauthorized top-up activities using unofficial channels have faced criminal risks related to credit card fraud.

To prevent players from falling victim to scams or exploitation, we strongly advise against using unofficial channels for top-up services. Please do not trust any private top-up offers that seem too good to be true.

If any illegal top-up activities, malicious refunds, or purchases of illicit currency are detected, our team will issue warnings and permanently ban the associated game accounts. This applies even if you have previously used official channels for top-ups, as any violation of our terms of service carries the risk of permanent account suspension.

We maintain round-the-clock surveillance to identify and suspend accounts that promote or distribute information about unauthorized top-up services. If players encounter any fraudulent messages related to currency sales within the game, please capture screenshots and provide the information to our game customer support.

Best regards,

MetaCity M Operations Team