「MetaCity M」Account Security Policy Explanation release time 2023.07.21

Dear Metamaster,

In order to ensure a healthy and fair gaming environment and provide a good gaming experience for everyone, the operations team has established the Account Security and Fair Gaming Policy for "MetaCity M" game. We will make every effort to provide a safe and fair gaming environment for every player of "MetaCity M"!

1.No to fraud! Do not engage in illegal account boosting (purchasing).

Some unscrupulous fraudsters publish fraudulent messages about game currency boosting (purchasing), enticing players with tempting discounts and false promises to quickly level up. Don't be deceived, it's a scam! Please do not believe any unofficial information online, such as events, cheats, accelerators, prize-winning information, prize-winning websites, or recharge discounts. "MetaCity M" does not cooperate with any unofficial recharge channels.

2.Consequences of improper behavior: If you fall for fraudulent information such as in-game account boosting, leading to involvement in fraud cases, you may become a victim of fraud or credit card theft, which is illegal and can result in harm to your own rights. Illegal account boosting and improper refund behavior will not only result in permanent suspension of the game account, but also expose you to threats and financial losses from the boosting party.

Statement from the operations team: Officially, we solemnly declare that apart from the official platform of Gamamobi, no other company is authorized to provide account boosting services. To avoid falling victim to fraud, please do not use unofficial channels for recharging. If any illegal account boosting or improper refund behavior is detected, we will issue a "warning" and impose a "permanent account suspension" (even if you have used official channels to recharge your account, your account still faces the risk of permanent suspension for violating our terms of service). We will conduct 24/7 online patrols and suspend the accounts that publish or spread account boosting messages. If players encounter fraud messages such as currency sales in the game, they can capture screenshots and provide the information to game customer service, and we will take immediate action to permanently suspend such fraudulent accounts.

Prohibited improper gaming behavior!

Engaging in abnormal gaming behavior through unofficial channels severely disrupts game fairness and poses significant risks to the gaming environment and your account security. The "MetaCity M" operations team is committed to continuously optimizing the gaming experience and creating a fair and healthy gaming environment. Any accounts involved in improper gaming behavior will face strict consequences once verified.

Improper gaming behavior includes but is not limited to:

1 Installing and using third-party software that disrupts the game balance of "MetaCity M."

2 Modifying game programs to exploit vulnerabilities for game advantages.

3 Intentionally exploiting game loopholes for repeated improper gains.

4 Registering or logging in with a large number of accounts/characters using the same player (or the same network IP or physical address).

Consequences of improper behavior:

Penalties may include, but are not limited to, warning, muting, temporary or permanent account suspension (even if you have used official channels to recharge your account, your account still faces the risk of permanent suspension for violating our terms of service). In severe cases, the company reserves the right to pursue legal liability.

Statement from the operations team:

The official operations team will continue to investigate, collect, and monitor all behaviors that affect game fairness, and take corresponding actions against accounts that affect the game environment based on the severity of their impact. We urge everyone to avoid speculative behavior to prevent affecting your own and others' gaming experiences and causing unnecessary losses. Maintaining a good gaming environment requires our joint efforts. If you discover improper gaming behavior, please report it through the in-game customer service system or directly contact game customer service for verification and processing.

3.Avoid buying and selling accounts and sharing

We would like to address some important matters regarding account security and fair play in MetaCity M. It has come to our attention that there are numerous unscrupulous fraudsters targeting gamers online, engaging in activities such as illegal account trading and unauthorized account boosting, which can result in account scams, theft, disputes, and significant losses for players.

Consequences of improper behavior: Buying and selling accounts, as well as sharing game accounts, cannot guarantee the security of those accounts. Sharing game accounts can lead to account theft and accidental item destruction. Private account transactions may result in losses for both parties involved. To prevent such incidents, we strongly advise all players against engaging in account trading. Please value your own accounts and refrain from engaging in private account transactions.

Statement from the operations team: MetaCity M does not support or endorse private account trading or account sharing. We will not provide support or guarantee for any issues arising from such private account transactions or account sharing. We will take necessary protective measures to address any impacts on the game. We recommend players to bind their accounts to their mobile phones and promptly change passwords in case of any account anomalies, to avoid unnecessary losses.

4.Respect others!

We hope the game brings joy to all players. Cooperation and competition are integral parts of the game. Disagreements and discussions are normal, but attacking, insulting, or using offensive language towards others makes the game unenjoyable. Any form of bullying, discrimination, explicit language, or behavior that is insulting is strictly prohibited. We sincerely request that all players respect each other in all forms of communication within the game, including character names, guild names, and descriptions.

Consequences of improper behavior: Frequent acts of bullying, discrimination, spreading explicit or offensive language, or engaging in insulting behavior may result in warnings, temporary or permanent suspensions due to violations of the player code of conduct.

Statement from the operations team: Report it! If you encounter situations where other players insult you or others, please report it through the in-game customer service system or directly contact our game customer service. We have dedicated staff to review reports and take appropriate measures.

Other unacceptable behaviors!

Other unacceptable behaviors include, but are not limited to:

1.Impersonating game GMs.

2.Sending unofficial announcements or marketing advertisements through chat channels.

3.Encouraging others to violate the rules.

Statement from the operations team: We want to reiterate that the official team will not ask players for personal account information in any form within the game. Please be cautious about protecting your accounts and beware of falling victim to scams. If you encounter suspicious individuals, promptly report them to our game customer service. Furthermore, encouraging others to violate the rules will result in the same consequences as those who violate the rules themselves.

Our account security and fair play policy applies to all regional versions of MetaCity M.

Thank you for your attention to account security and fair play!

Yours sincerely, MetaCity M Operations Team