「MetaCity M」Service Opening Event Announcement release time 2023.08.01

Dear Pioneers:
The "MetaCity M" paid deletion test is about to start. The test time:8/1 (Tue) 12:00 (GMT+8)-8/14 (Mon) 12:00 (GMT+8), for a period of 14 days, for a period of 14 days. This test is a file deletion test, and does not represent the final actual online effect and quality. We will continue to adjust and optimize the game content. the
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For the first time in this test, you can get double Pioneer Coins for each level of stored value. Any recharged value will be accompanied by a luxurious novice gift package, and all stored valued Pioneer Coins during the test will be returned 200% when it is officially launched (not including gifts) part). the
In order to ensure the game experience of all pioneers, we have prepared a large number of reward activities,
Including but not limited to:
[Daily Sign-in] 8/1-8/7 Log in every day to claim rewards

[Upgrade courtesy] 8/1-8/14 Upgrade the level of the pioneer, become a master pioneer and get rewards

[Order Master] 8/1-8/14 Complete the order and become an order master to get rewards

[Server Opening Party] 8/1-8/14 consume stamina and drop a lot of points, which can be exchanged for rewards

[Double Stored Value] 8/1-8/14 During this test period, you can get double Pioneer Coins for the first recharged value in each gear during the test period, and you can get luxurious novice gifts for any recharged value during the test period. the
[Double rewards] 8/1-8/14 The development coins obtained during the test period will be returned 200% when it is officially launched (not including the gift part)
[Pass Pass] 8/1-8/14 Complete the missions of the pass to get a lot of gold coins, credit coins, fashion, furniture, vehicles and other rewards.

In order to make the follow-up development more in line with the experience of the developers, this test includes a questionnaire survey. After completing the questionnaire, the developers can get rich rewards in the game. I hope you will actively fill out the questionnaire. We look forward to your valuable suggestions.
Finally, we sincerely invite all developers to pay attention to the "MetaCity M" official community and get more latest information in time. Enjoy the rich and wonderful life of Metaverse!