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Pre-Registrations Reward Details

1. Title of Elite MetaMaster: Exclusive reward title for global pre-registering players

2. Avatar Frame for Elite MetaMasters: Exclusive avatar frame for global pre-registering players

3. Gold Coins: MetaCity M's common currency used to buy general items

4. MetaMaster's Chest: After opening, you can get items to aid your exploration in the MetaCity M metaverse

5. Steak Rice: Steak rice jointly created by Eastern and Western chefs can restore 50 points of strength after eating

6. Mahogany Frame: An ornament that increases Home Prosperity, and holds some good memories

7. Lucky Cat: a living room decoration that increases Home Prosperity, make sure to meow for wealth!

8. Small Noticeboard: A wall decoration that increases Home Prosperity

9. Log Shelf: furniture that increases prosperity, suitable for placing in the corner of the living room

10. Ukiyo-e Hanging Frame: Wall decorations that increase Home Prosperity, incorporating some impressionist elements on the basis of traditional Ukiyo-e

11. Easter Costume: Wear it to become the easter bunny. Easter eggs not included.

12. Kangaroo Suit: Extra useful for boxing masters. Confuse your enemies with this kangaroo costume!