「MetaCity M」Buying Materials release time 2022.09.29

If you don't have enough materials in your backpack and don't want to spend too much time digging or gathering materials, you can go to the store to buy the materials you need.

The following will bring you the introduction of each store location and sale items:

To purchase other materials, go to the shops marked on the map:

The following is a description of the items sold in each store:

Fishing tackle shop

Selling fishing tackle, bait and other fishing products: sour berries, earthworms, wooden fishing rods, etc.

machinery shop

Sell various processing components: iron frame, small booster arm, thick wooden stick, thick wooden board, plastic board, paint, stone cylinder, cutting wheel, grinding stick, rubber belt, bearing, iron drill bit, copper wire, tire, etc.

Engineering Institute

Selling construction materials, etc.: primary circuit boards, power sources, low-level chips, jet thrusters, operating touch screens, etc.

Tribal stall


Tribal Specialties: String, Fiber Cloth, Crude Leather, Textile Fuel, etc.


Furnace products: iron plates, iron rods, charcoal, stone bricks, copper plates, copper rods, glass, silicon chips, screws, springs, etc.

Weapons shop

Weapons for sale: wooden baseball bats, revolvers, etc.

Miners shop

Sell items and various minerals: small drills, sand, stones, iron ore, copper ore, tin ore, etc.

Vehicle shop

Sells vehicles: Radish Racer, Alpacamobile,etc.

Fashion store

Clothes for sale: Competitor suits, Explorer suits, etc.

Furniture Shop

Sells wooden axes and  varieties of wood: ordinary wooden axes, vegetable fibers, wood, resin, natural rubber, silk, and more.

Flower shop

Various flowers: white rose, yellow rose, pink rose, purple rose, red rose, rose bouquet, etc.

Agriculture Store:

Agricultural products: eggs, milk, etc.