「MetaCity M」Timespace Mine Instructions release time 2023.01.09

If you don't want to go to the wild to mine, but want to mine quickly, you can come and participate in the time-space mine game.

The following will give you a description of how to play the time-space mine:

1. Click the gacha boy icon in the upper right corner and select timespace mine

2. Speak with the timespace traveller and enter the mine

1. The rules of the mine are as follows:

1) Use tools to mine to increase points. The higher the points, the richer the rewards and the higher the ranking.

2) Mining ore has a chance to trigger a teleportation point, and you can go to the next floor through the teleportation point

3) The mining range and power consumption value of different mining tools are different, and the flexible use of tools can obtain higher points

4) After the power value is 0 or the countdown is over, the ranking will be settled according to the total points, and the rewards will be claimed 3 times a day (the number of rewards can be refreshed after resetting the mine)