「MetaCity M」Collect system release time 2023.07.20

The collection system is divided into Collection, Wardrobe, Vehicles, Achievements, and Purify. You can view the items collected by players or receive corresponding rewards.


In MetaCity M, discovering new items will activate the Collection. Each new entry in the collection allows you to collect MetaMaster badge. By accumulating a certain number of badge, you can receive rewards from the MetaMaster Association.


In the wardrobe, you can view and change the outfit and appearance of the Metamaster.

2) Change Appearance: Click on the "Change Appearance" button to go to adjust your appearance, facial features, skin color, and more.

3. Vehicles

Click on Collection - Vehicles,enter vehicles system, choose your vehicles here.

4. Achievements

"Achievements" include "Growth," "Exploration," "Competitive," "Social," and "Miscellaneous" achievements. Accomplishing achievements can reward you with materials, rare items, or Meta crystals. Accumulating certain achievements can also grant you generous rewards based on your achievement level.