「MetaCity M」Timespace Mine release time 2023.07.20

1.Click on how to play- Timespace mine. Go to the town center and enter the Game Center to find the Time-Space Mine game mode.

2.Timespace mine rule:

1.Use tools to mine and increase your score. The higher the score, the more rewarding the prizes.

2.There is a chance to trigger teleportation points when mining ores. Through these points, you can move to the next level where the scoring efficiency is higher.

3.Different mining tools have different mining ranges and consume different amounts of power. Utilize the tools wisely to achieve higher scores.

4.Various devices with different effects will appear inside the mine. Interacting with these devices will trigger different effects.

5.When your power reaches 0 or the countdown timer ends, you will exit the mine and receive rewards. You can participate in the mine three times a day to claim participation rewards.